An Email

Just received a nice email: 
Dear Shaun,
I read your book, ''Hard Time''. It was an inspiration to me to keep on fighting. I have serious health problems, and I have reached a point where I have seriously considered suicide on many occasions. I have chronic pain, and doctors seem to have no way to heal me, or they flat out do not care. Regardless, thank you for sharing your experiences with me and making my pain a little less. I am now going to read ''Party Time'' and ''Prison Time''.
The best part of your book was the fact that you did not try to be politically correct, but shared what you were really feeling, instead of what others want to hear.
Once again, thanks for making my miserable condition better, even if it is only for a few hours!


Thanks to your book purchases, I've managed to raise enough money to donate 5,000 books to kids in state schools and prisoners. This increases the total donation over three years to 20,000 books. While in prison, kind people from all over the world sent me books. Reading became the lifeblood of my rehabilitation. #karma


Next year I aim to publish these books:
Party Time New Edition
Pablo Escobar's Story
We Are Being Lied To: The War On Drugs
The War Against Weed
Two Tonys

Link to all of my books


My latest videos and prison questions answered at my YouTube channel.


Dec 10 Manchester Pablo Escobar talk: Further info and tickets

Dec 17 Manchester Surviving Deadly USA Jail  talk: Further info and tickets

Dec 18 London Pablo Escobar talk: Further info and tickets

Jan 15: Manchester Pablo Escobar talk: Further info and tickets

Jan 16: Manchester Life Lessons From USA's Deadliest Jails: Further info and tickets

Have a great holiday season everyone!
Here's what I wrote from prison at Christmas.
Cheers from London!
Shaun Attwood